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(edit) @2022   8 years cameron Eliminating elifs
(edit) @1998   8 years cameron Fixes for parsing system/public IDs.
(edit) @1987   8 years lindanl Add DTD parsing into
(edit) @1959   8 years lindanl Add prototype that can run under python and is compilable as well
(edit) @845   9 years cameron Revert imcomplete change to
(edit) @844   9 years cameron Unify line/column reporting.
(edit) @681   9 years ksherdy Update validate_utf8.
(edit) @593   9 years lindanl name space checking
(edit) @571   9 years lindanl Misc determination
(edit) @570   9 years lindanl error check for empty PI names
(edit) @558   9 years cameron Exclude ? from PI target.
(edit) @546   9 years cameron Restructure errors in parse_refs
(edit) @528   9 years lindanl PI target name extraction; error check
(edit) @441   9 years cameron Add shift 1 optimization
(edit) @438   9 years cameron Restructure to use _scope variables
(edit) @420   9 years lindanl Name prevalidation: separate streams for name_start and name char checking.
(edit) @417   9 years cameron Add Qname validation routine for namespaces.
(edit) @416   9 years cameron Prevalidation of XML name syntax
(edit) @411   9 years eamiri backup to r407
(edit) @409   9 years eamiri Compilable version of parabix2
(edit) @407   9 years cameron Fix <!--->, <!----> and <!-[-] handling.
(edit) @360   10 years cameron Moved bit stream Compiler directory out of parabix2
(edit) @322   10 years cameron Extend PyBit? to include loops of form while B: S
(edit) @315   10 years ksherdy Revert explicit conversion to UTF-8 on file read.
(edit) @304   10 years ksherdy Use Python byte strings for demo_validate_xmlchar.
(edit) @303   10 years ksherdy Updated all demo methods to explicitly encode u8data as utf-8. Updated …
(edit) @292   10 years ksherdy Fix doctest.
(edit) @279   10 years cameron Add parabix_parse main program.
(edit) @278   10 years cameron Add u8u16 version consistent with parabix2
(add) @277   10 years cameron New parabix2 prototype
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