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(edit) @591   9 years lindanl check if the document matches the document production
(edit) @588   9 years lindanl check if attribute values contain '<' after reference expansion
(edit) @586   9 years lindanl Check if all character references expand to legal characters
(edit) @584   9 years lindanl check for undefined reference
(edit) @582   9 years lindanl Add attributes uniqueness checking
(edit) @579   9 years lindanl tag stack storing positions instead of strings
(edit) @573   9 years lindanl optimize by moving CDCtPI logic inside the loop
(edit) @570   9 years lindanl error check for empty PI names
(edit) @567   9 years lindanl matching tag names up to 16 bytes
(edit) @564   9 years cameron Tag matching fixes
(edit) @562   9 years lindanl tag marks matching
(edit) @559   9 years cameron Clean up.
(edit) @558   9 years cameron Exclude ? from PI target.
(edit) @556   9 years cameron No optimization version
(edit) @554   9 years cameron clear refs.GenRefs? to 0 from prev block
(edit) @551   9 years cameron Conditional RBracket, cleanup
(edit) @550   9 years cameron lex.CtCDPI_Start
(edit) @549   9 years cameron Move Advance(Refstart) into conditional
(edit) @548   9 years cameron Inline and reorganize byteclass and u8 processing
(edit) @547   9 years cameron Inline refs and use if optimization
(edit) @528   9 years lindanl PI target name extraction; error check
(edit) @518   9 years lindanl Name Validation
(edit) @511   9 years cameron Simplify for xmlwf
(edit) @448   9 years cameron Revert shift1opt
(edit) @441   9 years cameron Add shift 1 optimization
(edit) @438   9 years cameron Restructure to use _scope variables
(edit) @423   9 years lindanl add name prevalidate streams, drop U16
(edit) @412   9 years eamiri error--> error_mask, unnecessary augmentation removed
(add) @409   9 years eamiri Compilable version of parabix2
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