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(edit) @972   9 years cameron AVX version with separate files/template.
(edit) @955   9 years cameron Final block base calculation
(edit) @952   9 years cameron Parameterize OVERLAP_BUFSIZE
(edit) @951   9 years cameron Parameterize OVERLAP_BUFSIZE
(edit) @950   9 years cameron Parameterize BLOCK_SIZE using sizeof(SIMD_type)
(edit) @946   9 years cameron Initialize Ct_errors
(edit) @945   9 years cameron Delete xmlwf_MT from perf_script
(edit) @944   9 years cameron Eliminate EOF_mask for quote scans; revert for while loops
(edit) @942   9 years cameron Eliminate EOF_mask for CtCDPI while; now done by compiler.
(edit) @941   9 years cameron Modify while conditions for final blocks with EOF_mask
(edit) @940   9 years cameron Use ScanTo? for CtCDPI parsing
(edit) @939   9 years cameron Bugfix for register dump.
(edit) @938   9 years cameron New pablo template with @final_block_stmts
(edit) @937   9 years cameron Add processing for @final_block_stmts.
(edit) @936   9 years cameron Add s2p_do_final_block
(edit) @935   9 years cameron Pass EOF_mask to BitBlock_scanto_ci and Bitblock_scanto
(edit) @924   9 years cameron Eliminate carry queues when neither carryin nor carryout is set.
(edit) @922   9 years cameron Generating do_final_block - initial check-in
(edit) @921   9 years cameron Separate control of _ci and _co modes.
(edit) @918   9 years lindanl Add code clocker
(edit) @917   9 years lindanl Add multipass.
(edit) @916   9 years lindanl Create a Do_check_streams pass.
(edit) @915   9 years ksherdy Modularize charset compiler and character set definitions.
(edit) @914   9 years ksherdy Rename input files.
(edit) @913   9 years cameron Make EOF_mask global to avoid masks.EOF_mask hack.
(edit) @912   9 years lindanl Delete tag_matcher.cpp
(edit) @911   9 years lindanl Change post_process to check_streams in Add …
(edit) @910   9 years lindanl Eliminate conflicting definition of U8.
(edit) @909   9 years cameron Use .cpp suffix instead of .c
(edit) @908   9 years cameron Simplify parameter list/argument list construction.
(edit) @907   9 years cameron define SEGMENT_BLOCKS in template
(edit) @906   9 years cameron Add generation of do_segment functions.
(edit) @905   9 years cameron s2p_do_block
(edit) @904   9 years cameron Add lex.error; eliminate xml_char class
(edit) @903   9 years cameron Add Ken as author, prioritize TODO
(edit) @902   9 years cameron Add ScanTo? support to Pablo.
(edit) @899   9 years cameron Multiplex scope streams
(edit) @897   9 years cameron Configure perf_script for TD directory
(edit) @896   9 years cameron Eliminate Add_multiliterals and associated storage.
(edit) @892   9 years cameron REgen: regexp generator for ABNF
(edit) @889   9 years ksherdy Add Carry_Adjust. Fix @any_carry in template. Add 'add_dump_stmts' support.
(edit) @882   9 years ksherdy Add '@any_carry' label to pablo template.
(edit) @881   9 years ksherdy Update template and compilable for separate compilation.
(edit) @880   9 years ksherdy Add separate compilation functionality.
(edit) @874   9 years ksherdy Update character class equations to sync with the JSON Pablo compilable.
(edit) @873   9 years ksherdy Update comments.
(edit) @872   9 years ksherdy Add call to bitblock_prefix_parity to avoid manual insertion.
(edit) @871   9 years ksherdy Update ParityMask? variable.
(edit) @870   9 years ksherdy Remove generated json.c file from version control.
(edit) @869   9 years cameron Update for new pablo with @global structs.
(edit) @868   9 years cameron delmask optimization
(edit) @867   9 years cameron Update for @global struct type declarations
(edit) @866   9 years cameron Update for @global struct type declarations.
(edit) @865   9 years cameron Add @global declaration template facility; use for struct types.
(edit) @864   9 years cameron Use NEWLINE_BUFFERING by default
(edit) @863   9 years cameron Cleanup; add carryQ variable to function header
(edit) @862   9 years cameron Reorganize callouts for start, end and empty tags
(edit) @861   9 years cameron Organize call outs from Reference processing.
(edit) @860   9 years cameron Reorganize bitstream for CtCDPI processing/call-out.
(edit) @859   9 years cameron Unify XML scope streams into Scope1 class
(edit) @858   9 years cameron Move control streams into Lex class.
(edit) @857   9 years cameron Add StreamStructGen? parameter to select type or instance generation.
(edit) @856   9 years cameron Input file for combined UTF-8 validation with XML FFFF/FFFE checking.
(edit) @855   9 years cameron Remove direct import of block_carry.h to avoid conflict.
(edit) @854   9 years ksherdy Removed leading spaces on bitstream statements. Implemented regex …
(edit) @853   9 years lindanl Fixed bug in tag matching.
(edit) @852   9 years cameron Set up do_right8_shifts() for trailing semicolon.
(edit) @851   9 years cameron Nested if optimization
(edit) @850   9 years cameron Preserve else part statements
(edit) @849   9 years ksherdy Update variable name.
(edit) @848   9 years cameron Reorder u8u16 defs for 2/3/4 byte optimization
(edit) @846   9 years cameron Update LineColTracker? with newline buffering
(edit) @845   9 years cameron Revert imcomplete change to
(edit) @844   9 years cameron Unify line/column reporting.
(edit) @843   9 years lindanl Line and column couting using bitblock_bit_count
(edit) @842   9 years lindanl Report error positions with line/column
(edit) @840   9 years cameron New method: UpdateFromNewLineBuffer?.
(edit) @839   9 years cameron New function: bitwise_full_add.
(edit) @838   9 years lindanl Line/Column? number tracking
(edit) @828   9 years cameron Remove generated xmlwf.c
(edit) @827   9 years cameron Move bitmap base NameStart/NameChar? tests into namechars.h
(edit) @824   9 years ksherdy Synchronize variable names with the parabix2 template.
(edit) @823   9 years ksherdy Synchronize variable names with the parabix2 template.
(edit) @822   9 years ksherdy Logic for StreamScan? Python prototype function calls. …
(edit) @821   9 years ksherdy Update error messages.
(edit) @820   9 years ksherdy Update Makefile.
(edit) @819   9 years ksherdy Maintain zero indexed error messages.
(edit) @817   9 years ksherdy Use column 1-based error messages.
(edit) @816   9 years ksherdy Update error message from 0 based postition message to 1 based column …
(edit) @815   9 years ksherdy Update templates to output specific post processing error messages …
(edit) @814   9 years ksherdy The glass is half full.
(edit) @813   9 years ksherdy Refactor is_Advance_Call and is_ScanThru_Call into a single method …
(edit) @812   9 years lindanl Add performance test script
(edit) @811   9 years cameron SIMD register dump facility for debugging.
(edit) @810   9 years cameron SIMD register dump facility for debugging.
(edit) @807   9 years ksherdy Modularize optparse option definitions.
(edit) @806   9 years ksherdy Add compiler 'mode' switches to display per pass info.
(edit) @805   9 years cameron Python unparser with ast_show function.
(edit) @804   9 years ksherdy Refactor template command line argument handling to remove the notion …
(edit) @803   9 years ksherdy Update README.
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