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(edit) @423   9 years lindanl add name prevalidate streams, drop U16
(edit) @422   9 years eamiri reading template from the input file directory
(edit) @421   9 years eamiri input file can be in a different directory than the compiler
(edit) @420   9 years lindanl Name prevalidation: separate streams for name_start and name char checking.
(edit) @419   9 years lindanl add performance section
(edit) @418   9 years lindanl Buffered process with profiling
(edit) @417   9 years cameron Add Qname validation routine for namespaces.
(edit) @416   9 years cameron Prevalidation of XML name syntax
(edit) @412   9 years eamiri error--> error_mask, unnecessary augmentation removed
(edit) @411   9 years eamiri backup to r407
(edit) @410   9 years eamiri EOF_mask handling added
(edit) @409   9 years eamiri Compilable version of parabix2
(edit) @408   9 years eamiri minor bug fixed
(edit) @407   9 years cameron Fix <!--->, <!----> and <!-[-] handling.
(edit) @393   9 years ksherdy Commit a working u16u8 prototype.
(edit) @392   9 years ksherdy Remove macro depencies on local variables, mask_2, mask_4, mask_8.
(edit) @391   9 years ksherdy Replaced SpanStreamStartsCursor? with SpanStreamsEndsCursor?.
(edit) @390   9 years eamiri adc128 changed
(edit) @387   9 years eamiri bug fix
(edit) @385   9 years lindanl Optimization for ASCII streams
(edit) @384   9 years lindanl Direct bit stream generation; Parallel prefix quote mask.
(edit) @383   9 years lindanl Initial prototype with bitstreams for copyreadlineText only.
(edit) @382   9 years cameron Directory of postgres CSV parsing prototypes
(edit) @374   9 years eamiri minor change
(edit) @373   9 years eamiri signature of adc128 changed
(edit) @372   9 years lindanl CSV parsing prototype with backslash escape convention
(edit) @371   9 years cameron Fix EOF_mask (went 1 position too far)
(edit) @370   9 years eamiri bugfix
(edit) @369   9 years eamiri major cleanup in parition2bb() pass minor bug fixes
(edit) @368   9 years eamiri bug fix
(edit) @367   9 years eamiri minor change
(edit) @366   9 years lindanl Buffered version; fix error report for surrogate at block boundary.
(edit) @365   9 years eamiri Bit stream initialization support added. Improvements in inlining.
(edit) @364   10 years eamiri bug fix
(edit) @363   10 years eamiri Function inlining added. Parabix2 can be compiled with some modifications
(edit) @361   10 years cameron u16u8 template file for bitstream compiler
(edit) @360   10 years cameron Moved bit stream Compiler directory out of parabix2
(edit) @359   10 years cameron u16u8_compilable modified for current compiler
(edit) @358   10 years cameron u16u8 prototype
(edit) @357   10 years cameron Initialize u16u8 project with QA framework.
(edit) @356   10 years cameron remove older
(edit) @354   10 years eamiri minor
(edit) @353   10 years eamiri initializing bit streams to zero supported
(edit) @352   10 years eamiri arrays indexed by string are supported
(edit) @351   10 years eamiri REAMDME updated subtraction macro added to template
(edit) @350   10 years eamiri README file added
(edit) @349   10 years eamiri Simple inlining mechanism added. The input is now read from a separate …
(edit) @348   10 years eamiri minor changes
(edit) @347   10 years eamiri minor changes
(edit) @346   10 years eamiri sse_simd.h added to the directory
(edit) @345   10 years eamiri back branch removed
(edit) @344   10 years eamiri Can compiler Parabix 2 now
(edit) @340   10 years ksherdy Initial check in.
(edit) @339   10 years ksherdy Initial check in.
(edit) @329   10 years eamiri The incomplete code for the period of time that I am away
(edit) @327   10 years cameron Recursive simplifier
(edit) @326   10 years cameron Remove false optimization of adc(0,0)=>0
(edit) @325   10 years cameron Remove false optimization of adc(0,0)=>0
(edit) @324   10 years eamiri TODO list updated.
(edit) @323   10 years eamiri dead code elimination introduced. backward propagation of values of …
(edit) @322   10 years cameron Extend PyBit? to include loops of form while B: S
(edit) @321   10 years cameron simplify: bit_count(x) == 128 => has_bit(not(x))
(edit) @320   10 years eamiri clean up and restructuring the code
(edit) @319   10 years eamiri optimize pragma introduced
(edit) @316   10 years ksherdy Add EOF mask method.
(edit) @315   10 years ksherdy Revert explicit conversion to UTF-8 on file read.
(edit) @314   10 years ksherdy Move readfile to Revert transpose_streams method name.
(edit) @313   10 years ksherdy Open file for read. Revert transpose_stream method name.
(edit) @312   10 years ksherdy Since, Python 2.x's string type acts as an immutable byte array read …
(edit) @311   10 years eamiri big fix
(edit) @310   10 years cameron Use raw byte readfile; fix advance_bit7 temp.
(edit) @309   10 years eamiri Now make_SSA leaves the name of the last occurence of a variable unchanged.
(edit) @308   10 years eamiri Bug fix (names generated for array elements and struct members in …
(edit) @307   10 years eamiri big in parsing array variables fixed
(edit) @306   10 years cameron Copyright; u8u16 test case
(edit) @305   10 years eamiri Variable declarations are now generated
(edit) @304   10 years ksherdy Use Python byte strings for demo_validate_xmlchar.
(edit) @303   10 years ksherdy Updated all demo methods to explicitly encode u8data as utf-8. Updated …
(edit) @302   10 years ksherdy Added methods to read and write utf-8 encoded files. Modified …
(edit) @301   10 years eamiri simple_op supports any number of variables
(edit) @300   10 years ksherdy Added extract_bit routine to extract the bit value at a position.
(edit) @299   10 years cameron Avoid generating trivial new variables.
(edit) @298   10 years eamiri Transformation to SSA added, plus minor modification to some other …
(edit) @297   10 years cameron Initial modules for bitstream compiler.
(edit) @296   10 years cameron Add filter_bits routine.
(edit) @292   10 years ksherdy Fix doctest.
(edit) @280   10 years cameron Crediting Ehsan
(edit) @279   10 years cameron Add parabix_parse main program.
(edit) @278   10 years cameron Add u8u16 version consistent with parabix2
(edit) @277   10 years cameron New parabix2 prototype
(edit) @276   10 years cameron u8u16 python prototype from
(edit) @275   10 years cameron Combined CallOut? streams
(edit) @270   10 years eamiri minor correction in the comments
(edit) @269   10 years eamiri block by block parallel parse of start tag.
(add) @261   11 years cameron Research prototypes directory.
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