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(edit) @5546   2 years xwa163 fix a typo in the prototype of extract_e1_m0_kernel
(edit) @5539   2 years xwa163 lz4d_prototype: add prototype for sequential_pablo_kernel, modify lz4d …
(edit) @5534   2 years xwa163 lz4d prototype: convert scanThru(), position() to count forward …
(edit) @5530   2 years xwa163 fix some bugs and typos in lz4d_e_d prototype
(edit) @5529   2 years cameron Document and simplify the creation of E1 and M0 masks
(edit) @5520   2 years xwa163 Implement prototype of lz4 decoder using extract and deposit idea
(edit) @5455   2 years xwa163 add prototype for lz4d
(edit) @5322   3 years cameron Clearing external properties
(edit) @5159   3 years cameron Support for enumeration basis sets
(edit) @5155   3 years cameron Enumeration parsing now returns only values explicitly found, add …
(edit) @5153   3 years cameron Generate property value enumerations with default value first (enum …
(edit) @5143   3 years cameron Updates for Unicode 9.0; clean-ups
(edit) @5131   3 years cameron generator for UnicodeNameData?.py - use 32 byte alignment for AVX2
(edit) @4948   4 years cameron Generator for UnicodeNameData?.cpp
(edit) @4918   4 years cameron u8check demo
(edit) @4914   4 years cameron Clearing out gml2svg
(edit) @4913   4 years cameron Clearing out s2k
(edit) @4912   4 years cameron Clearing out pebble
(edit) @4911   4 years cameron Clearing out pabloj
(edit) @4910   4 years cameron Cleaning out xmlschema stuff
(edit) @4865   4 years cameron Examples
(edit) @4864   4 years cameron Eliminate trivial reassignments
(edit) @4863   4 years cameron Pablo prototypes in Haskell
(edit) @4745   4 years cameron Generation of property objects for Bidi, Join, Decomposition, Numeric
(edit) @4743   4 years cameron Support for Canonical Combining Class property
(edit) @4740   4 years cameron Age property support
(edit) @4735   4 years cameron Support for Grapheme, Sentence, Word break properties
(edit) @4675   4 years nmedfort Modification to pass output value by ref and accept a dummy carry pointer.
(edit) @4637   4 years cameron Update to use Unicode 8.0.0 database files
(edit) @4634   4 years cameron Generate code to treat scx as an Extension Property
(edit) @4632   4 years nmedfort Modifications to UCD property object generator.
(edit) @4630   4 years nmedfort Passing last used prefix instead of regenerating it implicitly by name.
(edit) @4619   4 years nmedfort Corrected bug in generated UCD code that prevented including the …
(edit) @4517   5 years cameron grep debugging template for icgrep using -print-pablo
(edit) @4514   5 years cameron Avoid generating some unused variables
(edit) @4470   5 years cameron README notes
(edit) @4462   5 years cameron Simplify generated tests
(edit) @4457   5 years cameron Generate Unicode Level 1 property tests
(edit) @4428   5 years cameron Generator support for precompiled property cpp files
(edit) @4424   5 years cameron Restructure/bug fix for if-hierarchy generation
(edit) @4423   5 years cameron Additional properties generation
(edit) @4389   5 years cameron Generating binary properties, reformatting
(edit) @4387   5 years cameron Updated generator files for new predefined property support
(edit) @4381   5 years cameron Various fixes to UCD property data system
(edit) @4379   5 years cameron Incremental step towards general property support
(edit) @4375   5 years cameron Update to UCD 7.0.0, have UCD parsers return totally-defined value maps
(edit) @4374   5 years cameron Generator to produce pablo files for various Unicode properties
(edit) @4373   5 years cameron bug fix
(edit) @4372   5 years cameron UCD set to run list function
(edit) @4370   5 years cameron Factor out if-hierarchy support
(edit) @4369   5 years cameron Fix default Zzzz map for ScriptExtensions?
(edit) @4368   5 years cameron Factor out parsing of ScriptExtensions?.txt into UCD_parser
(edit) @4367   5 years cameron Refactoring to separate UCD parsing from header file generation.
(edit) @4365   5 years cameron Clean up default value processing for enumerated properties; …
(edit) @4364   5 years cameron Parsing enumerated properties now adds default data from @missing specs
(edit) @4363   5 years cameron Generate ScriptExtensions?.h
(edit) @4361   5 years cameron Omit do_final_block in general unicode_categories.h
(edit) @4360   5 years cameron Omit do_final_block option
(edit) @4359   5 years cameron Sel -> Xor optimization; implement Pablo Xor in printer, compiler
(edit) @4355   5 years cameron Improve if-test generation, eliminate some redundancies
(edit) @4349   5 years cameron Bug fix for odd/even ranges
(edit) @4317   5 years cameron Case-insensitive matching: generator program
(edit) @4292   5 years ksherdy Document inversion demo.
(edit) @4291   5 years ksherdy Character class input for document inversion.
(edit) @4259   5 years cameron Update RE prototype to use mmap
(edit) @4231   5 years cameron Javascript regexp benchmark from Google
(edit) @4223   5 years cameron More functions for utf8 lib
(edit) @4222   5 years cameron Factor out utf8 support functions; clean out old some old code
(edit) @4204   5 years cameron Reps have nullable components if ub != lb
(edit) @4192   5 years cameron Build-in support for gc categories LC/L/M/N/O/S/Z/C
(edit) @4191   5 years cameron Generate missing sets
(edit) @4190   5 years cameron Parse @missing specs from PropertyValueAliases?.txt
(edit) @4188   5 years cameron Generate enumerated property value data in correct order; identify …
(edit) @4186   5 years cameron Restructing.
(edit) @4185   5 years cameron CodepointPropertyObjects?, aliases-only maps
(edit) @4184   5 years cameron Generating PropertyObjectArray?.h
(edit) @4183   5 years cameron add multiline_fill, move formatting to, add property_kind
(edit) @4181   5 years cameron vector<string> value_name; vector<unordered_map> property_value_alias_map
(edit) @4180   5 years cameron Additional properties; sorting
(edit) @4179   5 years cameron Restructure and update for vector<UnicodeSet?> value_sets[]
(edit) @4178   5 years cameron Restructure for compatability with C++ version; uset_member
(edit) @4177   5 years cameron Introduce Uset_Iterator objects
(edit) @4176   5 years cameron Parameterize on quad size
(edit) @4175   5 years ksherdy Minor fixes to b2k grammar.
(edit) @4174   5 years cameron use Binary instead of Boolean
(edit) @4173   5 years cameron Add UCD::Binary, UCD:CCC fix, add header wrappers
(edit) @4172   5 years cameron Fixes for PropertyAliases?.h PropertyValueAliases?.h
(edit) @4171   5 years ksherdy Added b2k accessors and generators as required.
(edit) @4170   5 years ksherdy Added s2k intrinsics translations.
(edit) @4169   5 years ksherdy Marked intrinsics used in s2k.
(edit) @4168   5 years ksherdy Added s2k accessors and generators as required.
(edit) @4167   5 years ksherdy Updated b2k controller.
(edit) @4166   5 years ksherdy Filled-in mappings. A number of unused mapping remain to be completed.
(edit) @4165   5 years ksherdy Minor updates.
(edit) @4164   5 years ksherdy Added mappings.
(edit) @4163   5 years ksherdy
(edit) @4162   5 years ksherdy Replaced visitor with more general 3 address form visitor.
(edit) @4161   5 years ksherdy Formatting changes.
(edit) @4160   5 years ksherdy s2k controller updates.
(edit) @4159   5 years ksherdy Added visitor to translate estrm intrinsics to two statements.
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