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(edit) @2275   7 years ksherdy Reverted previous del.
(edit) @2152   7 years ksherdy Add align assertion routines to bitblock.hpp
(edit) @2135   7 years ksherdy Added alignment assertion.
(edit) @2133   7 years ksherdy Fix assert_bitblock_align method.
(edit) @2039   7 years ksherdy Removed assertion that x0 != x1.
(edit) @2037   7 years cameron Add mask_forward_zeroes/mask_reverse_zeroes
(edit) @1970   8 years ksherdy Minor update.
(edit) @1964   8 years ksherdy Minor modifications.
(edit) @1950   8 years ksherdy Updated comments format.
(edit) @1934   8 years nmedfort Reverted change in bitblock.hpp for MSVC++ compatibility
(edit) @1933   8 years nmedfort
(edit) @1932   8 years ksherdy Update uint32_t to int32_t since negative positions indicate 'not found'.
(edit) @1909   8 years lindanl Fix ATTRIBUTE_SIMD_ALIGN for MSVC.
(edit) @1908   8 years lindanl Define ATTRIBUTE_SIMD_ALIGN for MSVC.
(edit) @1903   8 years ksherdy Added #define NDEBUG to bitblock.hpp
(edit) @1899   8 years ksherdy Removed all_true declaration.
(edit) @1898   8 years ksherdy Added ASSERTION to test for alignment.
(edit) @1890   8 years cameron Move count_forward_zeroes et al up to remove 128-bit dependency.
(edit) @1874   8 years ksherdy Added #define STDC_LIMIT_MACROS for UINT64_MAX.
(edit) @1853   8 years ksherdy Removed count forward, count reverse wrappers, and introduced …
(edit) @1847   8 years ksherdy Remove cfzll reference. A temporary fix to allow the build to succeed …
(edit) @1815   8 years ksherdy Updated union type declaration/defintion.
(edit) @1808   8 years cameron Bytepack and ATTRIBUTE_SIMD_ALIGN
(edit) @1760   8 years ksherdy Revert s2p, p2s, 128, 256-bit specific versions.
(edit) @1753   8 years ksherdy Added 128 bit specific p2s, s2p. Added 256 bit headers as placeholders.
(edit) @1658   8 years ksherdy Minor change.
(edit) @1621   8 years ksherdy Template specialied over Macros.
(edit) @1617   8 years ksherdy Added overloaded count_forward_zeroes on unsigned long, unsigned long long.
(edit) @1616   8 years ksherdy Removed LONG_BIT macro definition.
(edit) @1576   8 years cameron Use BLOCK_SIZE instead of BLOCKSIZE
(edit) @1555   8 years ksherdy Move #include builtins.hpp.
(edit) @1550   8 years ksherdy Add count_forward_zeroes, count_backward_zeroes.
(edit) @1542   8 years ksherdy Prefer static function overloading on bitblock128_t types for …
(copy) @1527   8 years ksherdy Refactored functions to use function templates.
copied from trunk/lib/idisa.hpp:
(edit) @1515   8 years ksherdy typedef left to right. Use BitBlock? for general algorithms. Use …
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