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(edit) @3670   6 years ksherdy Added static contant member to the BitStreamScanner?. Clean up.
(edit) @3392   6 years cameron Return int rather than uint32_t saves a conversion
(edit) @3377   6 years cameron Clear_from: make sure all scan_fields are cleared
(edit) @3371   6 years cameron Fix for scanblock_t = uint64_t
(edit) @3334   6 years cameron Enable static assert checking (requires -std=gnu++0x compiler flag)
(edit) @3274   6 years cameron get_last_pos, clear_from scanner operations
(edit) @3216   6 years cameron Eliminated the specialized BaseCount16 versions; unneeded
(edit) @3215   6 years cameron Fix scan masks
(edit) @3207   6 years cameron BitStreamScanner? template class for multiblock bitstream segments.
(edit) @3189   6 years cameron Add optimized BitBlockScanner?
(edit) @3148   6 years ksherdy Added isDone method to Forward/Reverse? Iterators. Minor additions.
(edit) @3142   6 years cameron Hide default constructors for iterators.
(edit) @3140   6 years cameron Add BitBlockForwardScanner?; replace incorrect '=' with '=='
(edit) @3131   6 years cameron Fixes
(edit) @3112   6 years cameron Iterator for content buffers with 16-bit left deletion results
(edit) @2594   7 years ksherdy Rename scanword_t ScanWord?.
(edit) @2352   7 years ksherdy Updated include.
(edit) @2348   7 years ksherdy Removed #include.
(edit) @2347   7 years ksherdy Documented and consolidated bitstream scanner and iterator classes.
(edit) @2286   7 years ksherdy Removed problematic 'using namespace std;'
(edit) @2275   7 years ksherdy Reverted previous del.
(edit) @1950   8 years ksherdy Updated comments format.
(edit) @1932   8 years ksherdy Update uint32_t to int32_t since negative positions indicate 'not found'.
(edit) @1857   8 years ksherdy Updated scanword_t type.
(edit) @1682   8 years ksherdy Updated Forward and Reverse iterators to inherit from public …
(edit) @1680   8 years ksherdy Renamed reset(), init().
(edit) @1679   8 years ksherdy Added reset().
(edit) @1672   8 years ksherdy Added BitBlockReverseIterator? class definition.
(edit) @1625   8 years ksherdy Fixed overloaded postfix operator to return a copy and *not* a …
(edit) @1619   8 years ksherdy Refactored bit block iterator class to contain forward/reverse …
(add) @1611   8 years ksherdy Refactored iterator class to specialized on BitBlock? type and …
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