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(edit) @3729   6 years ksherdy Added local carry declare to header vs. template.
(edit) @3524   6 years cameron Use carry_value_0/1 vs. Carry0/1
(edit) @3519   6 years cameron Updates for carry_t = uint64_t support
(edit) @3457   6 years cameron Use carry_t to abstract for carry variables.
(edit) @3320   6 years ksherdy Reverted bad carryQ.hpp changes.
(edit) @3317   6 years ksherdy Minor changes.
(edit) @3028   6 years cameron Fix pending64
(edit) @3023   6 years cameron Restore get_pending64 for legacy compiler; elim affinity mask noise.
(edit) @2991   6 years ksherdy Added local carry combine macro to work around template specialization.
(edit) @2987   6 years ksherdy Added setter/getter for convenience.
(edit) @2986   6 years ksherdy Make CarryAt? return-by-ref.
(edit) @2960   7 years ksherdy Carry method renaming.
(edit) @2958   7 years ksherdy Added CarryDeclare? macro to carryQ library.
(edit) @2794   7 years ksherdy Added experimental PabloJCarryTest.
(edit) @2719   7 years cameron Some copyright and description fixes
(edit) @2286   7 years ksherdy Removed problematic 'using namespace std;'
(edit) @2275   7 years ksherdy Reverted previous del.
(edit) @2268   7 years cameron CarryCombine1 routine for while optimization
(edit) @2261   7 years cameron Set up for scan_to_first with carry initialized to 1.
(edit) @2221   7 years cameron Merge cq, pending64
(edit) @2213   7 years cameron Use direct CarryArray? implementation
(edit) @2207   7 years cameron Library support for pablo.Advance(strm, n)
(edit) @2128   7 years cameron scantofirst: use separated carry-in/carry-out implementation of adc
(edit) @2042   7 years cameron Support for AdvanceThenScan?{To,Thru}, SpanUpTo?, and {In,Ex}clusive_Span
(edit) @2006   7 years cameron clean out old _ci, _ci_co wrappers
(edit) @2005   7 years cameron Fix odd comment for carryQ.hpp
(edit) @1996   7 years cameron Functions with separate parameters for carry-in and carry-out.
(edit) @1950   8 years ksherdy Updated comments format.
(edit) @1933   8 years nmedfort
(edit) @1826   8 years cameron Eliminate deprecated has_bit from library
(edit) @1695   8 years ksherdy Updated CarryCombine? interface to support multiple carry queue …
(edit) @1694   8 years ksherdy Fixed BitBlock_advance32
(edit) @1663   8 years ksherdy Updated interpose.
(edit) @1662   8 years ksherdy Update interpose, advance32
(edit) @1660   8 years ksherdy Preliminary check in of CarryQ advance32, interpose functionality.
(edit) @1659   8 years ksherdy Added advance32, interpose.
(add) @1544   8 years ksherdy Initial carryQ.hpp check in. CarryArray? implemented. CarryRegister?
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