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(edit) @3577   6 years linmengl fix srai<-32> problem
(edit) @3576   6 years linmengl regenerate libraries, with negative number constants eliminated.
(edit) @3573   6 years cameron Eliminate signed numeric literals for compatibility with uint types.
(edit) @3526   6 years linmengl fix some problem according to svn history. fix cycle countings
(edit) @3525   6 years linmengl add mvmd_insert to sse and avx. Update all sse library. Hand modified …
(edit) @3441   6 years linmengl make avx2 can run now
(edit) @3063   7 years cameron Add floating point operations: i2f, f2i, fmul, fdiv, fadd, fsub, flt, …
(edit) @3021   7 years cameron Fixes for multicarry while mode
(edit) @2824   7 years linmengl bug fix on shufflei return type
(edit) @2330   7 years cameron Use typename only within template declarations
(edit) @2329   7 years lindanl MSVC fixes.
(edit) @2326   7 years cameron Try int for simd<fw>::constant
(edit) @2325   7 years cameron Field types fw1_t, fw2_t…
(edit) @2324   7 years cameron Library with field-width based integer types
(edit) @2275   7 years ksherdy Reverted previous del.
(edit) @2230   7 years cameron Library updates: simplify simd<fw>::constant
(edit) @1924   8 years cameron Update simd<128>::srl/sll
(edit) @1923   8 years cameron Corrections for simd<64>::sll, srl (mod 64 shift)
(edit) @1897   8 years cameron Using _mm_castsi128_pd and _mm_castsi128_ps for casting.
(edit) @1884   8 years cameron Use reinterpret_cast for IDISA_CASTING
(edit) @1872   8 years cameron signmask strategy using packss
(edit) @1870   8 years cameron signmask built-ins for 32 and 64 bits on SSE
(edit) @1807   8 years cameron New store/load op syntax
(edit) @1767   8 years huah The final version of IDISA+ toolkit…
(edit) @1740   8 years huah added support for ARM NEON
(edit) @1661   8 years ksherdy Added mvmd srli slli builtins and strategies.
(edit) @1585   8 years huah use load_type/store_type to define the idisa load/store operations so …
(edit) @1584   8 years huah fixed the bitblock::load/store for AVX; added testing modules for …
(edit) @1580   8 years cameron bitblock::srl, sll, srli, slli implementations
(edit) @1573   8 years cameron FW=1 operations
(edit) @1570   8 years cameron bitblock::(load,store) (aligned,unaligned); <1>::add, sub
(edit) @1557   8 years cameron New strategies for ugt, ult
(edit) @1556   8 years cameron bitblock::popcount; clean libgen/idisa_lib out
(edit) @1548   8 years cameron IDISA fixes
(add) @1539   8 years huah add idisa.hpp for a generic programming interface and fixed the …
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