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(edit) @108   11 years lindanl
(edit) @106   11 years lindanl Content Models.
(edit) @100   12 years lindanl Parsers for internal and external entities.
(edit) @99   12 years cameron Internal entity parsing.
(edit) @98   12 years cameron Separate CharRef/EntityRef? routines
(edit) @97   12 years lindanl External Subset and error messages and global entity table.
(edit) @94   12 years lindanl Add Notation table.
(edit) @93   12 years lindanl Hashmap for enumerated types in Attlists.
(edit) @92   12 years cameron Passing buffer pointers/lgths to markup actions.
(edit) @91   12 years cameron ATTLIST semantics
(edit) @81   12 years cameron Separate CDATA start/end actions as in expat.
(edit) @80   12 years cameron Specialized ScanTo? for MarkupStart? => Text_action at Buffer end
(edit) @78   12 years lindanl DTD parsing.
(edit) @73   12 years cameron Refactored Parsing Engine
(edit) @66   12 years lindanl text_or_markup_start field for parsing engine
(edit) @62   12 years ksherdy Include document start and document end action routines.
(edit) @52   12 years cameron Destructors
(edit) @49   12 years cameron Make ilax actions into ParsingEngine? methods.
(edit) @37   12 years cameron Charset Architecture: Parser Factory
(edit) @19   12 years cameron Refactoring byte-space lexical recognizers => bytelex.h
(edit) @15   12 years cameron Bytespace scanning in XML declarations; various updates
(edit) @12   12 years cameron Text declarations for external parsed entities.
(edit) @11   12 years cameron Reading XML declaration: version/encoding.
(edit) @7   12 years cameron Reference extraction; checking ]]> in text; < in atts.
(add) @4   12 years cameron Initial import of parabix-0.36
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