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(edit) @3787   6 years ksherdy Added clear method to transpose.
(edit) @3729   6 years ksherdy Added local carry declare to header vs. template.
(edit) @3721   6 years ksherdy Updated name.
(edit) @3671   6 years ksherdy Added new regression tests for scanning.
(edit) @3670   6 years ksherdy Added static contant member to the BitStreamScanner?. Clean up.
(edit) @3669   6 years ksherdy Updated Advance to AdvanceN call.
(edit) @3668   6 years ksherdy Added tests for the BitStreamScanner?
(edit) @3622   6 years cameron LLVM_SUFFIX in Makefile
(edit) @3587   6 years linmengl simd::constant and simd::ifh, tested
(edit) @3586   6 years linmengl compile llvm into native code, banned some invalid combinition of fw and ir
(edit) @3584   6 years linmengl merge from github:llvm branch
(edit) @3577   6 years linmengl fix srai<-32> problem
(edit) @3576   6 years linmengl regenerate libraries, with negative number constants eliminated.
(edit) @3573   6 years cameron Eliminate signed numeric literals for compatibility with uint types.
(edit) @3528   6 years cameron Fix parenthesization
(edit) @3526   6 years linmengl fix some problem according to svn history. fix cycle countings
(edit) @3525   6 years linmengl add mvmd_insert to sse and avx. Update all sse library. Hand modified …
(edit) @3524   6 years cameron Use carry_value_0/1 vs. Carry0/1
(edit) @3519   6 years cameron Updates for carry_t = uint64_t support
(edit) @3487   6 years cameron USE_S2P_AVX2 mode
(edit) @3478   6 years cameron S2P_MOVEMASK option for AVX2
(edit) @3462   6 years linmengl update mvmd_srli, mvmd_slli, bitblock_popcount, have a little bit …
(edit) @3457   6 years cameron Use carry_t to abstract for carry variables.
(edit) @3455   6 years linmengl minor fix on s2p.hpp to enable USE_S2P_AVX
(edit) @3453   6 years linmengl opt on hsimd_signmask
(edit) @3451   6 years cameron carryout2carry for AVX2
(edit) @3449   6 years cameron Add carryout2carry for legacy CCGO
(edit) @3448   6 years linmengl update newly defined simd_sll and simd_srl, small optimize on bitblock_sll
(edit) @3447   6 years cameron Fixes to leave carry-out variables in carry-in form.
(edit) @3446   6 years linmengl minor changes to proper inline
(edit) @3443   6 years cameron Since bits have been spread into 16-bit fields, need 16->64 step, not …
(edit) @3441   6 years linmengl make avx2 can run now
(edit) @3439   6 years cameron Updates for AVX2 - current Pablo compiler; untested
(edit) @3438   6 years lindanl Long stream addition for AVX2 (not tested)
(edit) @3437   6 years linmengl remove readme.txt, use instead
(edit) @3436   6 years linmengl Checkin simd_and/all, avx2 support
(edit) @3396   6 years linmengl handle bitblock_iterator.hpp correctly now
(edit) @3393   6 years linmengl add cpp2c.rb script offically, add testing framework
(edit) @3392   6 years cameron Return int rather than uint32_t saves a conversion
(edit) @3391   6 years linmengl check in IDISA C library and other support libraries. Some template …
(edit) @3390   6 years linmengl moving idisa c library into trunk/lib_c
(edit) @3377   6 years cameron Clear_from: make sure all scan_fields are cleared
(edit) @3371   6 years cameron Fix for scanblock_t = uint64_t
(edit) @3341   6 years cameron Multiplex/demultiplex routines
(edit) @3334   6 years cameron Enable static assert checking (requires -std=gnu++0x compiler flag)
(edit) @3326   6 years ksherdy Modified impl of carryFlip
(edit) @3320   6 years ksherdy Reverted bad carryQ.hpp changes.
(edit) @3318   6 years ksherdy Removed unused methods.
(edit) @3317   6 years ksherdy Minor changes.
(edit) @3304   6 years ksherdy Added explicit carrySet.hpp runtime for PabloJ.
(edit) @3274   6 years cameron get_last_pos, clear_from scanner operations
(edit) @3216   6 years cameron Eliminated the specialized BaseCount16 versions; unneeded
(edit) @3215   6 years cameron Fix scan masks
(edit) @3207   6 years cameron BitStreamScanner? template class for multiblock bitstream segments.
(edit) @3189   6 years cameron Add optimized BitBlockScanner?
(edit) @3148   6 years ksherdy Added isDone method to Forward/Reverse? Iterators. Minor additions.
(edit) @3142   6 years cameron Hide default constructors for iterators.
(edit) @3140   6 years cameron Add BitBlockForwardScanner?; replace incorrect '=' with '=='
(edit) @3131   6 years cameron Fixes
(edit) @3125   6 years linmengl add IDISA C library to the wild, 'idisa128_c.h' is the main header …
(edit) @3112   6 years cameron Iterator for content buffers with 16-bit left deletion results
(edit) @3093   6 years cameron Use template type for string base; remove Bytedata dependency
(edit) @3090   6 years cameron Use char as base type for buffers
(edit) @3088   6 years cameron Add Transpose struct to allow standard Pablo interface
(edit) @3087   6 years cameron pablo.match library support
(edit) @3063   6 years cameron Add floating point operations: i2f, f2i, fmul, fdiv, fadd, fsub, flt, …
(edit) @3028   7 years cameron Fix pending64
(edit) @3025   7 years cameron Elmin noise
(edit) @3023   7 years cameron Restore get_pending64 for legacy compiler; elim affinity mask noise.
(edit) @3021   7 years cameron Fixes for multicarry while mode
(edit) @3019   7 years cameron Add simd_sign_bit constant
(edit) @3014   7 years cameron Fix for pablo.MatchStar?.
(edit) @3008   7 years cameron Support for pablo.MatchStar?
(edit) @2991   7 years ksherdy Added local carry combine macro to work around template specialization.
(edit) @2987   7 years ksherdy Added setter/getter for convenience.
(edit) @2986   7 years ksherdy Make CarryAt? return-by-ref.
(edit) @2960   7 years ksherdy Carry method renaming.
(edit) @2958   7 years ksherdy Added CarryDeclare? macro to carryQ library.
(edit) @2893   7 years cameron Fix lookahead library name to match compiler.
(edit) @2875   7 years cameron lookahead fix
(edit) @2874   7 years cameron Support for pablo.Lookahead
(edit) @2856   7 years ksherdy Record CSV results only.
(edit) @2846   7 years ksherdy Added desc to PERF_SEC_BIND.
(edit) @2828   7 years ksherdy Minor fix.
(edit) @2825   7 years linmengl add more freedom on editing the signatures
(edit) @2824   7 years linmengl bug fix on shufflei return type
(edit) @2795   7 years cameron Move simd_const_1 to library, refine HMPS CCGO2
(edit) @2794   7 years ksherdy Added experimental PabloJCarryTest.
(edit) @2719   7 years cameron Some copyright and description fixes
(edit) @2712   7 years cameron Use assert.h instead of cassert
(edit) @2705   7 years cameron Resolve initialization error.
(edit) @2698   7 years cameron Fixes for advance_n support in experimental mode
(edit) @2696   7 years cameron Pablo support for Advance(strm, n)
(edit) @2695   7 years ksherdy Added #ifdef BASIS_BITS.
(edit) @2694   7 years cameron Macros for use by Pablo CCGOs
(edit) @2616   7 years ksherdy Added sizeof(BitBlock?) aligned STL allocator and memory alignment …
(edit) @2614   7 years ksherdy Nobody will ever need anymore than 64k of memory.
(edit) @2610   7 years cameron Add support for new carry code gen objects in Pablo compiler
(edit) @2605   7 years cameron Operations preserving carry-out form add_ci_co, sub_bi_bo, adv_ci_co
(edit) @2595   7 years ksherdy Updated LSST templates.
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