Oct 5, 2009:

8:33 AM Changeset [317] by ksherdy
Explicit template specialization cannot have a storage class. Removed …

Sep 29, 2009:

9:03 AM Changeset [316] by ksherdy
Add EOF mask method.

Sep 25, 2009:

6:05 PM Changeset [315] by ksherdy
Revert explicit conversion to UTF-8 on file read.
5:22 PM Changeset [314] by ksherdy
Move readfile to bitutil.py. Revert transpose_streams method name.
5:21 PM Changeset [313] by ksherdy
Open file for read. Revert transpose_stream method name.
5:19 PM Changeset [312] by ksherdy
Since, Python 2.x's string type acts as an immutable byte array read …
4:07 PM Changeset [311] by eamiri
big fix
11:14 AM Changeset [310] by cameron
Use raw byte readfile; fix advance_bit7 temp.

Sep 20, 2009:

7:18 PM Changeset [309] by eamiri
Now make_SSA leaves the name of the last occurence of a variable unchanged.
12:52 PM Changeset [308] by eamiri
Bug fix (names generated for array elements and struct members in …
10:52 AM Changeset [307] by eamiri
big in parsing array variables fixed
4:41 AM Changeset [306] by cameron
Copyright; u8u16 test case

Sep 16, 2009:

3:36 PM Changeset [305] by eamiri
Variable declarations are now generated
11:00 AM Changeset [304] by ksherdy
Use Python byte strings for demo_validate_xmlchar.
10:43 AM Changeset [303] by ksherdy
Updated all demo methods to explicitly encode u8data as utf-8. Updated …
10:36 AM Changeset [302] by ksherdy
Added methods to read and write utf-8 encoded files. Modified …

Sep 11, 2009:

2:52 PM Changeset [301] by eamiri
simple_op supports any number of variables
2:18 PM Changeset [300] by ksherdy
Added extract_bit routine to extract the bit value at a position.
6:42 AM Changeset [299] by cameron
Avoid generating trivial new variables.

Sep 10, 2009:

3:41 PM Changeset [298] by eamiri
Transformation to SSA added, plus minor modification to some other …
7:01 AM Changeset [297] by cameron
Initial modules for bitstream compiler.

Sep 9, 2009:

11:47 AM Changeset [296] by cameron
Add filter_bits routine.

Sep 8, 2009:

6:33 AM Changeset [295] by cameron
Generator script for ASCII_EBCDIC.h
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