Parabix OS

Parabix OS is a project to build a family of POSIX-compatible operating systems incorporating high-performance Parabix technologies. Our initial work will focus on two important members of the family.

  • Parabix/Linux: An operating system featuring the Parabix tool set and the Linux kernel.
  • Parabix/Darwin: An operating system featuring the Parabix tool set and the Darwin kernel.

Core Utilities

The Parabix Core Utilities subproject seeks to build a comprehensive set of high-performance replacements for traditional POSIX-compatible utilities.

  • Parabix grep: based on icgrep
  • wc
  • tr
  • cut
  • head
  • tail
  • and many others

Parabix Shell

The Parabix Shell subproject seeks to build a new shell language that understands the structure of Parabix Core utilities and can pipe together utilities for even greater performance.

Parabix Secure File System

The Parabix Secure File System subproject seeks to build a file system with built-in validated file content attributes. A file content attribute is a specification of a formal model of file content. Taking advantage of high-performance Parabix validation software, the secure file system will ensure that the contents of every attributed file fully meets the formal content model.

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