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Parabix Regular Expression Road Map

Parabix regular expression matching offers consistent, ultra-fast regular expression matching performance, dramatically outperforming other regular expression technologies.

icgrep 2.0 Road Map

Building on the solid foundation of icgrep 1.0, our current development plan for icgrep 2.0 includes the following features.

See Unicode Level 2 Support in icGrep for current status.

  • recursive searches with -r flag
  • multithreaded searches for improved performance on multi-pattern matching and multi-file matching
  • fully dynamic processor detection and SIMD feature selection

Beyond icgrep

Leveraging the Parabix performance advantage, our overall regular expression project will move beyond our current icgrep application to consider extended regular expression support for a broad array of applications.

  • New regular expression syntax to improve readability and composability of regular expressions.
  • Systematic naming and namespace rules for libraries of important regular expressions.
  • Systematic support for disciplined subexpression capture.
  • Disciplined backreference support.
  • A file modeling language based on regular expressions and new tools based on these models.
  • Additional algorithmic and architectural work to improve performance.
  • Support for new general purpose regular expression matching APIs.
  • Systematic investigation of regular expression support requirements for important application areas.


  • PROSITE regular expression patterns and matching

Security Applications