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Welcome to the Development Home of Parabix - World's Fastest XML Software

Parabix (Parallel bit streams for XML - TM) demonstrates a fundamentally new way to perform high-speed parsing of XML documents. Byte-oriented character stream data is first transformed into eight parallel bit streams, each bit stream comprising one bit per character code unit. Code units may be ASCII characters or UTF-8 bytes, for example, with one parallel bit stream defined for each of bit 0 through bit 7 of each code unit. Given such a representation, the 128-bit SIMD (single-instruction multiple-data) registers of the SSE (Intel architecture SIMD technology) or Altivec (Power PC architecture) may be used to process 128 code unit positions at a time.

Applications of parallel bit stream technology to various text/Unicode/XML processing applications is the ongoing research of Prof. Rob Cameron of the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. See also the u8u16 project for application of parallel bit stream technology to high-speed UTF-8 to UTF-16 transcoding.

Parabix software as provided here as open source software under Open Software License 3.0. Patents pending. Commercial licensing is available through International Characters, Inc., an SFU spin-off company based on Prof. Cameron's research. Parabix is a trademark of International Characters.

Development Documentation

Robert D. Cameron, Kenneth S. Herdy and Dan Lin, High Performance XML Parsing Using Parallel Bit Stream Technology, Proceedings of CASCON 2008, Toronto, Ontario, October 27-30, 2008.

Kenneth S. Herdy, David S. Burggraf, and Robert D. Cameron, High Performance GML to SVG Transformation for the Visual Presentation of Geographic Data in Web-Based Mapping Systems, Proceedings of SVG Open, Nuremberg, Germany, August 26-28, 2008.