Advance An operation on a bitstream that shifts the bitstream forward by one position.

Bit Stream A streams of bits of arbitrary length. When processing an input text using Parallel Bit Streams, usually one works with Bit Streams of the length equal to the size of the file.

Basic Block A basic block of code is a piece of straight line code with no loop or conditional statements. A call to Advance or Scan-Thru inside a basic block is acceptable.

Block For a bitstream, one block is a segment of that bitstream that fits in a machine register. For Intel 64 machines, this is 128 bits.


Carry A carry variable transfers information between two blocks of data.

Cursor A bitstream which has different semantics during its lifetime.

LHS Left Hand Side of an assignment statement.

loc Line Of Code. Has been used as a variable name repetitively in the code.

Loop Variable A variable all defs and uses of which are inside the body of a loop.

Scan Thru An operation on two bitstreams, one cursor and one "fixed" stream.

RHS Righ Hand Side of an assignment statement.

SSA Static Single Assignment form. A intermediate representation in which every variable is assigned at most once. The compiler converts code to a variation of SSA.

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