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Visitor Pattern

Usually compiler has a number of passes and each pass traverses the code line by line and each line of code has a specific type from among a few different types. The work that a pass does on each line of code depends on the type of the line. The simplest implementation for this is that each pass, checks the type of each line of code. The main drawback of this solution is that the compiler code cannot be extended easily by introducing new operations.

The solution to this problem is visitor pattern. A good explanation of visitor pattern is available here. To implement it a python ideas suggested here and here are useful. Also python AST module has a visitor method that might have similar functionality.

Symbol Table

1- Must support line numbering and collapsing.
2- Given varname should return uses and/or defs (how to handle use of similar names in different scopes?)
3- Given line number should return variables used and/or defined in that line.

To handle 1, the numbering will be cascaded.
numbers 1,2,3,... show lines of code with all bodies collapsed.
if line m is a while loop, m-n means line n in the body of while.
if line m is an if statement then m-0-i refers to line i in the true branch and m-1-i refers to line i in false branch
Implementation of line numbers will use tuples.

Common Subexpression Elimination

This should be written as an independent pass that can be called whenever needed.

Boolean Simplification

In a couple of places in the code we need to use Boolean logic to simplify the code. This happens in Normalization and in Code Simplification. In both cases we need simplify one formula. In code simplification this pretty straightforward, as the formula has only one operator. In Normalization it might be of arbitrary width. It's important to apply proper Boolean algebra rules in situation.